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I stand with Barb Webb
Birute Bublys
Self portrait with turban
For S
Martha Washington
Abigail Adams
Elleanor Eldridge
For Erin
Singing with you dream
Source dream
Holding you and falling to the ground while crying dream
Forging my signature dream
Elizabeth and baby
Pinching you for your wrong answers dream
Letter I'll never open dream
Owl eggs (The Sours disc design)
The Sours lyrics (inner sleeve design)
Couples lyrics and sketch
Music was real good with you lyrics and watercolor
Dans la poubelle
Dark Cloud
Spider and the fly
False Accusations
Baba Yaga
Urinary tract infection
Asshole in a can
Kate Middleton
Expensive flowers everyone complains about
The precious things of the lasting hills
Under every green tree
Dust and ashes
Sarah shall be her name
The Belle Isle Isle Conservatory
Losing the garden
Cold in Detroit
The elephant in the room
Roped in
Necklace sketch
How much more she makes a month
Thumbs down day
Fire behind closed doors
Robin's eyes
Crazy receptionist
Old fish
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