Sarah Schrift is a NYC based visual artist, art instructor and singer/songwriter. She is a storyteller that has a close connection to her artistic subjects. The media Schrift works with changes constantly. She leaves bodies of work behind her that differ greatly in theme and objective but have the same underlying dark, feminine, and comedic tendencies.

Schrift has a large body of work that is solely portraiture. She paints and draws her friends and acquaintances in NYC. She also offers portrait commissions (see Commissions). In reference to her commission work she says, "Drawings and paintings have a handwriting, an essence of the original scene, and an arrangement that can only effectively be brought to you by a good draftsman and a sensitive heart."

Sarah creates one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry out of vintage, repurposed, and found materials. Her current collection, The Ida’s Travels Jewelry Collection was inspired by passages from Ida Laura Pfeiffer’s first book, A Woman’s Journey round the World, which was first published in 1850. Ida was an Austrian traveler/explorer and popular travel book author. She was educated, industrious, fearless, and she had a great sense of humor. The Ida’s Travels Jewelry Collection was made for a strong, well cultured woman that naturally stands out in a crowd.

In the fall of 2013, Sarah Schrift released a self-titled album with The Sours (Sarah Schrift and Sasha Markovic featuring Kana Kamitsubo Markovic). Schrift wrote the lyrics, performed the vocals and contributed to two guitar tracks. Schrift is currently working on more musical collaborations as well as solo work. The Sours album can be found on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud. For more information on The Sours visit www.thesoursmusic.com and www.facebook.com/thesours.

Sarah has instructed art lessons at various institutions in Michigan, Maryland, Massachusetts and New York. Sarah offers private art lessons to the 5 boroughs of NY and teaches various art classes around NYC and beyond.